Lavender Complete Set - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts

Sewing Shortcuts

Sewing Shortcuts are acrylic guides designed to create perfect fabric trims - quickly and easily.

Poke & Press

The ‘Poke & Press’ is a handy wooden tool designed to manipulate a trim into position. Included free with each Shortcut purchase.

Textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts Hook Bag row of five

Hook Bag - DIY Kit

Make your own custom Sewing Shortcuts storage bag using our Hook Bag DIY Kit! Included free with each complete set of Shortcuts

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Sewing Shortcuts

The Shortcuts are used to mark-out trim designs directly on fabric thus eliminating the tedious step of translating a scallop design from a pattern.

Our Shortcut Series include straight lines, outside + inside corners, curves and even an ‘odd one out’ for when things don’t quite fit.

We conducted extensive research and development to ensure our Shortcuts enhance the Sewers process - from the marking out phase to how the shapes sew and turn through. Each Shortcut has alignment slots, holes, and etched lines to make marking out, tracing, matching up, and maintaining an accurate line of trim easy. The Shortcuts also include a seam allowance guide so when turning through only the necessary fabric remains inside.

Shortcuts can be purchased individually or as a complete set (including Poke & Press and Hook Bag DIY Kit).

Detailed instructions, specifications, and videos can be found on our Instructions page. We’ve also graded our shortcuts by difficulty to ensure they closely match the Sewers capabilities. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Poke & Press

After the Sewer uses a Sewing Shortcut to mark out, sew up, and turn the trim through; the corresponding Poke & Press tool is then used to:

  • ‘poke’ in between the two layers of fabric, pushing the end of the seam to the edge and accurately pushing out the curve style completely.
  • ‘press’ the shape in place by holding the tool inside the fabric and lightly ironing.

Our Poke & Press tools have been designed to fit each unique Shortcut perfectly, ensuring all curved lines push through without stressing or over-rolling the seam.

Each Sewing Shortcut includes one or more Poke & Press tools. Misplaced Poke & Press tools can be purchased here, however if you break your Poke & Press simply return the pieces to us and we’ll replace it free of charge.

Hook Bag DIY Kit

Inspired by the idea that patterns are hung from pattern-hooks in fashion workrooms - the Hook Bag was born! These bags are a great way to store, organise and easily find your Sewing Shortcuts.

The kits come with a bag pattern, YKK metal zipper with donut pull for the selected size, zipper pull and cotton label indicating the style and series selected.

The included unique ‘7’ hook is made from powder coated metal and will easily hold the weight of Shortcut Sets and any future add-ins for the style selected.

The Hook Bag DIY Kit comes in three sizes based on zipper length (30, 40 and 50cm), be sure to select the correct size to cater for your Shortcuts style.

Complete Sets of Shortcuts include the corresponding Hook Bag DIY Kit for free, or they can be purchased separately here. Instructions and videos can be found here.

Get creative, why not quilt the bag, and add the shortcut trim to the spine of the bag as a reference. Or be sustainable and recycle your left-over material in to a Hook Bag.

Meet the Shortcuts

Shortcuts are available in a variety of trim silhouettes and can be purchased individually or as a complete set. Chose from over 90 Sewing Shortcuts!

  • Lavender #1 Straight - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts


    Straight Shortcuts can be used to create flat, gathered and mirrored straight trim

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  • Lavender #2 Corner - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts


    The Corner Shortcut is great for flat or gathered right angle corners

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  • Lavender #3 Inverted Corner - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts

    Inverted Corner

    The Inverted Corner Shortcut is great for flat or gathered inverted right angle corners

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  • Lavender #10 Simple Pivot Corner - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts

    Simple Pivot Corner

    The Simple Pivot Corner allows the full trim profile on the right angle corner

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  • Textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts Ink #4 Curve 200mm outline and trim


    The Curve Shortcut is used to create flat or gathered curves, flounce, structural elements or to modify a pattern. Available in 200mm and 300mm radius.

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  • Lavender #7 Inner Curve 300mm - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts

    Inner Curve

    The Inner Curve Shortcut is used to create flat or gathered inside curves, Available in 200mm and 300mm radius.

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  • Textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts Mulberry #8 The Odd One Out outline and trim

    The Odd One Out

    The Odd One Out allows you to extend or reduce the scallop peak or recess to ensure your trim fits a given length.

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  • Sherbert Mid-Gather - textiles7 Sewing Shortcuts


    The Mid-Gather Shortcuts are used to create ruffle trim in a variety of silhouettes.

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20 Trims In 20 Seconds!

  • Yo Yo's & Calico

    Mirrored trim made with ivory Shortcuts

    View Gallery 
  • Chicken Scratch

    Embroided gingham made with ivory Shortcuts

    View Gallery 
  • Mulberry Ink

    Mirrored flat and gathered trim made with ink and mulberry

    View Gallery 
  • Lazy Daisy

    Embroided cherry trim using daisy and whipped back stitch

    View Gallery 

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