Collection: Lavender

The lavender motif includes a main middle scallop which stands at 35mm tall and two smaller scallops on either side which point away from the middle creating a ‘scatter’ feel to the overall motif. The large circular recess between each scallop motif creates a ‘frame’ for each, adding relief and movement to the overall design. The lavender has the effect and feel of lace edging and would be ideal for collars cuffs and hems. The Lavender requires free motion skills, and therefore competent sewing skills are needed to successfully achieve this beautiful ‘lace like’ trim.

The series includes 9 high quality cast acrylic sewing shortcuts and Poke & Press.

Note the series has an optional ‘alternate straight’ that can be added.

Instructional Video - Sewing Shortcuts Lesson 2

Lavender - textiles7
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